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What is Advertising Web Service?

Advertising Web Service is a pay-per-click management company and cost-effective way to grow your business online. First, we submit your website on Google. Then we create a customized search
advertising campaign based on keywords related to your business.

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Our team of highly-trained professionals can get your website listed on Google for keywords relating to your site. So when someone Googles a word relating to your business, an ad with a link to your website will appear alongside the Google search results!

  • We create your ad for display
    in search results.
  • Customers will search for your
    product or service.
  • Your ad will appear in the Google
    sponsored search results!
Our service fee is the lowest available and
most straight forward - guaranteed!
  • Campaign Setup:
    $495 FREE
  • 14 Day Full-Service Trial
    $29.50 $5
  • Ongoing Campaign Management
    $69 $59 /mo
In addition to our campaign management fee, Google charges a small amount each time someone visits your website through your Google ad. This 'pay per click' system is what makes Google advertising so cost effective - you only pay when someone actually visits your site!
1. What will I get during my trial?

During your trial and afterwards, your Website will show up on Google searches relevant to your site!

Not surprisingly, advertising effectively on the world’s most popular search engine is a demanding and complicated task. However, it is also the most cost-effective and financially rewarding advertising tool available today.Advertising Web Service enables businesses of all sizes to benefit from exposure on Google, driving a virtually limitless number of potential customers to your website daily.

For only a tiny fraction of the cost of traditional advertising, you can now be seen on Google within 48 hours – Sign Up Now!

2.What are the costs involved?

Advertising Web Service charges the lowest campaign management fees around!

For just $5, you can take advantage of our Google-qualified advertising experts for a full two weeks. Following your trial, you can continue to benefit from their expertise for just $59 per month. That is all we charge – no hidden costs whatsoever.

In addition to our low management fee, there is a small charge payable directly to Google for each click your ad receives. This system is called ‘pay per click’, and works in a similar way to how we generally pay for a phone call. If we make a call, we pay the telco. If we don’t call anyone, we don’t pay. Similarly, if a potential customer searches for what you offer and clicks your advert, you’ll pay a small fee to Google. If they don’t click your ad, you wont pay a penny. But your ad will continue to be displayed regardless, so more potential customers will have the opportunity to reach your website!

3. How do I sign up my website?

Simply fill out the trial form on this page, and a few more details on the next page, and within 48 hours one of our Google advertising experts will have created your campaign! At that point you will receive an email from us, within which you’ll find an activation link. Then you’ll just follow the activation link to activate your Google ad.

It couldn’t be easier

4. Can I cancel the trial or full service?

Of course. There is no obligation whatsoever to continue with the trial, or full service. If you decide it’s not for you, then you may simply log into your account and cancel your subscription. No cancelation fees, no questions asked.

So what are you waiting for - Advantage of our Risk Free Trial Now!

  • Double the traffic & halved the cost...

    "I was getting swallowed up by the Google cash register very quickly when I started my campaign. Since you guys came on board my cost has halved and my traffic has more than doubled. I cannot thank you enough."
    Danny Fletcher,
    Blinko Games

  • Simple &
    hassle free...

    "Congratulations. What a relief to finally find a simple, hassle free way to get my business listed on Google. It's not just easy to use, but a highly effective marketing tool."

    Michelle Jarvis,
    Hot Spot Marketing

  • Increased sales by 400%...

    "I wanted to thank you for the incredible work you've done on my Google campaign you have increased our customers by 400% in 3 months and are now responsible for HALF Of our companies turnover."

    Ben Patterson,
    Streaming Mobile

  • Three calls
    a day...

    "I spent $4,000 on a Yellow Pages ad and got 0 calls in 6 months. Thanks to Advertising Web Service, my Neon sign business is thriving. I now get 3 calls a day and our ads appear at the top of Google™ everytime!"

    Brett Epstein,
    BT Concepts

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